V-1 Xilas vom Leithawald
IPO 3, KKL 1, "a" normal hips/elbows (DNA)

A special thank you to the breeder Erich Ehrenhofer for allowing Xilas to join our breeding program


This beautiful male with outstanding temperament has very harmonious structure, excellent proportions, awesome front assembly, and powerful movement. Xilas comes from proven top-producing lines, many VA and SchH3 sires and dams. His mother Zambi vom Leithawald has been VA SIX times! An excellent choice for top breeding programs!

 Lars Headshot

V1 Xilas vom Leithawald IPO 3
KKL 1 '"a" normal hips/elbows
VA Godalis Tino, SchH 3,
KKL 1 "a" normal
VA Quenn vom Loher Weg, SchH3,
IP3, FH 1, KKL 1 "a" normal
V Ussi von Buchonia, SchH2,
FH 1, KKL 1 "a" normal
VA-1 Zambi vom Leithawald, SchH 3,
IP3, KKL 1 "a"
VA-1 Nicos vom Leithawald, IPO 3,
KKL 1 "a"
V Shila vom Leithawald, IPO 2,
KKL 1 "a"

Xilas' Breed Survey:
Medium size, medium strong,very good pigment, type and expression. Very good head, high withers, strong back, good croup, very good angulation, normal chest proportions, very good ground covering gait. Confident nature, TSB pronounced; outs.

Special Attributes: Male that is absolutely medium size with VERY good pigmentation.

Breeding recommendations: Recommended for improvement of size and pigmentation.

Körmeister: Helmut Wehinger