V Dingo vom Felsenwehr
SchH 3, KKL-1, Lbz. "a" normal

V-66 1991 German Sieger Show, Karlsruhe

V-Rated 1995 USA Sieger Show

At the 1994 International Sieger Show, Germany, Zwinger vom Felsenwehr was awarded 9th place out of 19 Kennel Groups. Three of the six dogs represented in that group were sired by Dingo vom Flesenwehr.


(photo courtesy of Rebecca Rodgers)

V Dingo vom Felsenwehr
SchH 3, KKL-1a, Lbz
VA Natz von Arminius
SchH 3, KKL-1a, Lbz
VA-1 Dingo vom Haus Gero
SchH 3, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Fee vom Weihertürchen
SchH 1, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Sandra vom Felsenwehr
SchH 2, KKL-1a, Lbz
V-1 Qui von der Boxhochburg
SchH 3,FH, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Eika vom Mönchberg
SchH 3, KKL-1a, Lbz
Dingo's Breed Survey:
Large, powerful and expressive, very good masculinity, good overline, good length of croup,
but should be longer, good front and rear angulation, good chest proportions, true front movement,
slight toeing-in (closeness) of rear movement, outreaching gaits. Sound character, pronounced hardness,
courage and fighting drive; dog releases on command.
Special Qualities:
"Stud dog with very good secondary sex-characteristics", Körmeister: G. Köllges
On 11 July, 1992 Dingo received his Lifetime Breeding Status under Hermann Martin.
Dingo sired our beautiful "A" litter
Alden, Andro, Axel