V-1 Lars vom Frankengold
SchH 3, KKL 1, "a" normal hips/elbows (DNA)

Lars wins the working male class at his first U.S. Show under S.V. Judge Dieter Öser!


This beautiful male with outstanding temperament has very harmonious structure, excellent proportions, awesome front assembly, and powerful movement. Lars comes from proven top-producing lines, with the bonus of low hip scores, many SchH3 dams and is "Ursus Free". An excellent choice for top breeding programs!

 Lars Headshot

V-1 Lars vom Frankengold SchH 3,
KKL 1 '"a" normal hips/elbows
VA Canto vom Frankengold, SchH 3,
KKL1 "a" normal
VA Untox Ducati, SchH3,
FH2, IP3 KKL 1 "a" normal
V Larissa Frankengold, SchH3,
KKL 1 "a" fast normal
V Fanny vom Frankengold, SchH 3,
KKL1 "a" normal
VA Esko Danischen Hof, SchH3,
KKL 1 "a" normal
VA Lea Holtkamper See, SchH3,
KKL 1 "a" normal

Lars' Breed Survey:
Large, medium strong, substantial, dry and firm, typey and expressive, very well proportioned. High withers, straight and firm back, very good length and position of croup. Very good angulation front and rear, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Straight steps, fluid ground-covering gait with effective follow-through and unrestricted reach. Confident nature, TSB pronounced; outs.

Special Attributes: Correctly built male with very harmonious structure

Breeding recommendations: Suitable for improving structural proportions.

Körmeister: Günther Müller