SG-1 Ulla von der Friedersdorfer Flur
SchH 1, KKL-1, Lbz. OFA Good, Elbows Normal (DNA)

It all started out with ONE great female! 

 Ulla in now retired from my breeding program.

She is my foundation female and she blessed me with THREE beautiful litters!

She never produced any hip, elbow or health problems. Ulla has fantastic temperament and drive and passed this on to her progeny.

Her BEAUTIFUL daughter Brenda vom Tannhäuser will now produce our next generation of fantastic dogs!


Many thanks to Wolfgang Bienert of the Friedersdorfer Flur Kennel in Germany

for producing such wonderful dogs with fantastic temperament! 


SG-1 Ulla v.d. Friedersdorfer Flur
SchH 1, KKL -1, Lbz, DNA
OFA Good (GS-47938G26F-T)
Elbows normal (GS-EL6627-T)
V Freddy von Arminius
SchH 2, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Cim vom Ecknachtal
SchH 3, FH, IP3, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Tonia von der Wienerau
SchH 1, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Pinta von Batu
SchH 1, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Joschy von der Wienerau
SchH 3, KKL-1a, Lbz
V Usti von Batu
SchH 2, KKL-1a, Lbz